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Custom Fit Stairs

For more than 4 decades, we have been a custom building company. I started out building custom homes. Then, decided to go into interior trim and shortly evolved into stairs only.

Our service caters to the customer’s personal preferences. We gladly take the time to sit down with you, your contractor, as well as your decorator to work out all the details and budget. We have a large selection of pickets, from wrought iron to wood, in many optional colors. We will get you the look you have always wanted.

The below set looks like a very elegant curved staircase, but in reality, it is a stair upgrade that I tore out and using the metal frame built into this set.

Complete up-grade from treads, skirt boards and brass pickets

It was a curved stair with carpet and wood pickets. The handrail was as bad as the stairs. It was 30 years old when I was asked to price it out. Every stair company that built curved staircases in North Caroto refused to do the job. Three out of the four stair companies quietly recommended me and my company.

That has happened several times.

I also built a set for Mark Massingill that every stair company said couldn’t be done in code. I figured the stairs out and made a tread pattern. Got the inspector to change the way he viewed the code( the 12” code for a 9” run at walk line) is normally pulled from edge of riser. I asked hem to look at it as if there were walls and pull from inside wall for the 9” walk line at 12” in and it was a perfect 9”.He agreed and i had him sign the stair tread pattern. Ever stair company in the area complained to building inspector saying the stair couldn’t pass code. They cussed me for years.

We can also supply parts in any other species as well as reclaimed Antique Heart Pine.

In most cases a site visit will be necessary to evaluate the existing situation and get all the detail for a contract price. My estimates are very detailed services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price. Please call us at (919) 685-5443 or email to set up appointment for a free estimate. Other than that if, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Low-profile casing
  • High-profile casing
  • Modern casing
  • Traditional casing

We also build custom cabinets, book-shelfs, corner cabinets. I haven’t been doing cabinets but a couple years. Im sure I will cost more than something u can pick off the shelf, but i use higher quality materials and i am extremely detailed type of person. There is no such thing as perfect, but i do my best and i have always pleased my customers and will always intend to carry that tradition on, in the new direction my company is headed. I have a small shop in Durham. only about 1000 sq foot with tall ceilings. In a effort to, not to waste your time and mine. I have 40+ years in construction. If you research me (Joseph S. Miller) you will find i have a double A rating with BBB and its been that way for 20 + years and have never been sued for any type of work related issues. I did have financial issues during the recession. I excel at stairs, but not at the business end of things. I was told by a Camble college, graduating team that looked my company over,( in a effort to help me get thru the 2007 recession. that i had the best reputation and satisfaction survey that they had ever seen, but i was the worse business man that they had ever meet. I took it as some kind a complement. As my company went under. I lost every thing, Shop, showroom and inventory. As well as a Curved stair Patton I applied for. So this is my re-entry into the stair trade. Happy to show that 50 or 60 page report. I am proud of every job I ever did, an proud to

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