The illusion of perfection is our goal. Customer service is our first priority. We specialize in fabricating and installing straight and curved custom stairs, as well as field built, from exotic and domestic woods.

We can no longer stock exotic parts as we used to, but we will gladly build you any type stairs you might want, need or desire. Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak, Red and White. are easily ordered. Other materials are custom made such as Australian Cypress, Walnut.  We also offer the largest selection of wrought-iron available.

Alstralan Cyperas Curved Staircase
Alstralan Cyperas

At our facility, we manufacture customer stair treads, box newels, and custom built parts for stairs. We no longer have a showroom, we display a curved stair as well as a large selection of wrought iron pickets. We also have custom rails and posts in Cherries, American, Brazilian, as well as Maple,  hard ans soft and Oaks, Red ans White.

 I love shop work.So,building box newels are another favorite task, custom box newels can be two-toned to match any two items from your floors to your favorite piece of furniture. It’s all about what you want.

The set below were built for Jay Buckley of Jaco custom builder. They are tow-tone, American Cherry styles and rails with White-Oak panels. It was a Parade of homes. I did many parade of homes. Some of my contractors (John Baldwin and Mark Masssingill and  would only let me build there parade homes.  For awhile it seemed parades homes and curved stairs were all i did. These type jobs consume months. So now I intend to do smaller jobs.  I enjoy working directly with home owners so stair upgrades and Wrought Iron picket, change outs will be my new focus I will also do strait sets and sell custom stair parts. Such as custom length Bullnose and double open treads., How could I not LOVE MY JOB.

American Cherry with White Oak Panels - Curved Staircase
American Cherry with White Oak panels